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Talkback Sound + Visual is a full-service audio production, video editing and graphic design company. Our specialty is sound, with a focus on voiceover recording, sound design and audio post-production. Using a state-of-the-art recording studio with a professionally treated voice booth, great microphones, Pro Tools software and Source Connect Pro, we produce audio for TV/radio spots, web videos, video games, corporate/industrial projects, ADR, telephone IVR systems and more. Related services include custom music composition and needledrop licensing, talent casting and coordination and script writing/revision. In addition, we offer in-house video editing and graphic design services.


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Music Composition


Video Editing


Graphic Design

  • October, 1986

    Talkback Sound + Visual's Josh Millman performs with his first band Stark Naked & the Car Thieves at the high school talent show. They win.

  • September, 1992

    His first performance in Portland, Oregon at the venerable Mark's Hawthorne Pub. The PA blew a fuse.

  • August, 1996

    Josh starts his first audio company, Daylight Basement Productions. Mainly recording his own and his friends bands in, yes, his basement.

  • November, 1997

    Hired as freelance engineer at Dead Aunt Thelma's Studio, recording countless bands and artists in rock, jazz and hip hop genres.

  • July, 2001

    Starts as errand boy at Newton Bard Studio. Works his way up to assistant engineer. Gains invaluable experience in broadcast media.

  • September, 2005

    Becomes Studio Manager and chief audio/video producer at White Horse. Builds a solid reputation and clientele as a go-to guy in the biz.

  • June, 2006

    With a burgeoning voiceover career on the side, Josh is cast as the voice of Nintendo Wii Sports. "Nice Birdie!"

  • January, 2014

    Talkback Sound + Visual is launched as Josh's new business venture. And the rest, someday, will be history.

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~ Services ~

Things we're able to do

Voiceover Recording

We can help with every aspect of the voiceover recording process. From casting and script writing to directing voice talent in session, we'll make sure everything goes smoothly. Projects include TV and radio spots, web videos, video games, ADR, audio books, phone IVR and more.

Audio Post-Production

"Sweetening" is essential to the finished product. After recording, we'll make sure everything sounds perfect. EQ, compression, removing pops, cutting and pasting- it's all part of the process. Then add some sound effects and the perfect piece of music, and voila! Perfection.

Music Composition

Aside from being able to audition, choose and license music from a huge needledrop library, we can create a custom music composition to fit your project. Whether you need a chill music bed, a rockin' extreme sports theme or an upbeat jingle, we can do it.

Video Editing

Footage capture, editing, asset collection, motion graphics, audio sync and layback, color grading, and final render. We can even setup a full shoot on location or on a stage. Lights, camera, action!

Graphic Design

Say your company needs a fresh new logo; your band needs album artwork, your event needs a cool poster, you need help designing and setting up a website...we can do 'em all.

Consultation & Training

Contact us about home studio consultation and group and individual training sessions. Topics include studio setup, audio recording, editing and mixing, Pro Tools for dummies (and smarties), and voiceover technique.

~ Work Samples ~

Stuff we've done and are proud of


~ Nike Reuse a Shoe ~

Audio Production

~ SDCCU TV Spot ~

Audio Production

~ Gone Home - Video Game ~

Audio Production

~ Torch by Cheryl Strayed - Audio Book ~

Audio Production

~ RAF - "(It's a) Modern World - Music Video~

Video Editing

~ Fast Track'd - Corporate Video ~

Video Editing

~ Music Artwork ~

Graphic Design

~ Business Cards ~

Graphics Design

~ TestimonialS ~

Don't just take it from us


Brian Unflat, Creative Director at CMD Agency

Josh has been an amazingly versatile resource for me as a creative director over the past 5 years. His knowledge of audio engineering, voice talent, studio direction, editing and sound design make him a one man army. Always professional, always creative and always on time and within budget.


Isabella Aravalo, Owner/Director, Isa Talent International and BellaVoice

Josh is an excellent and reliable audio engineer. I have worked with him on multiple occasions as a voice talent, Linguistic Director, Project Manager and Agent (on both sides of the glass). Josh has a keen ability to deliver superb results every time. His attention to detail is outstanding. Josh is a real gem! I would not hesitate to hire him repeatedly for all my projects.


Marc Anteparra-Naujock, Owner, Caffelli

Josh is my favorite sound engineer. He is also an amazing voice talent!


Doug Zanger, Owner, Xhang Creative

Josh is one of the best directors and producers I have worked with. As a producer and creative audio professional, I am always grateful for the productive collaboration that takes place when we work on projects together. His mastery of nuance and intention is second to none and the input is always valuable and takes the work from “excellent” to “outstanding."


Tenley Webb, Voice Talent

As a voice talent, I’ve enjoyed working with Josh for over ten years and continue to be impressed with his talent, knowledge and attention to details. Whether he’s directing during a VO session or engineering and producing a project, I’m confident in Josh’s abilities to create and deliver a quality end-result.

  • Nike


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